Bitumen Testing

Bitumen Testing Services in Udaipur

If you need bitumen testing services in Udaipur, contact Civitech Labs today. We look forward to working with you to ensure the quality and performance of your bitumen.There are different types of bitumen available with different properties, specifications and uses based on requirements of consuming industry. The specification of bitumen also shows variation with the safety, solubility, physical properties, and the durability.To understand the performance of the bitumen when it is on service, the design of physical properties of the material is highly essential. The standard testing methods are carried out to grade bitumen.

The bitumen can be classified into the following grade types:

  • Penetration Grade Bitumen
  • Oxidized Bitumen Grades
  • Cut Back Bitumen
  • Bitumen Emulsion
  • Polymer Modified Bitumen

Bitumen Testing Lab Udaipur

Civitech Labs is a leading bitumen testing lab in Udaipur, Rajasthan. We offer a wide range of bitumen testing services, including routine tests, specialized tests, and on-site testing.

Asphalt Mix

Asphalt Mix is the most versatile pavement material used in the construction industry. Asphalt pavement is made of aggregates, sand, additives, and asphalt and is laid for the construction of driveways, parking lots, roadways, etc. Asphalt mix are to be tested before using at site. The following test are very important to confirm the asphalt.

Based on the variations in asphalt used in pavement design, there are several types of asphalt pavements. The five most common types of asphalt pavements used in construction are:

  • Bituminous macadam (BM)
  • Dense graded bituminous macadam (DBM)
  • Bituminous concrete (BC)